What Seller's Need To Know

Seller's Transaction Timeline

Step 1:

Find a realtor to list your home

Step 2:

Sign an exclusive right to sell and seller's disclosure

Step 3:

Your realtor will host open houses and hold showings

Step 4:

An offer is submitted and your realtor presents it to you

Step 5:

You make a decision about the offer

You accept the offer. You sign the necessary paperwork.

You decline the offer or you can counter and keep on negotiating.

Step 6:

Meet any necessary contingencies

Step 7:

The buyers conduct a home inspection

The buyers find issues at the home inspection. Keep negotiating or the deal falls through

Step 8:

No issues found at home inspection

Step 9:

Your realtor will write up a purchase & Sales agreement, both you and the buyer sign 

Step 10:

Buyers submit mortgage application and are approved

Step 11:


Ready Your House for Selling

De-Clutter Plan: Donate/Toss or Pack


  • Attic

  • Master Bedroom Closet

  • Master Bathroom Closet

  • Second Bedroom Closet

  • Third Bedroom Closet

  • Children's Play Space

  • Linen Closet

  • Hall Closet(s)

  • Kitchen Cabinets

  • Pantry

  • Home Office

  • Family Room

  • Living Room

  • Dining Room

  • Basement

  • Garage

Hire/Rent/Buy List


  • Real Estate Agent

  • Contractor

  • Handyman

  • Chimney Sweep

  • HVAC professional

  • Home Stager

  • Dumpster

  • Storage Unit

  • Packing Boxes

  • Packing Tape

  • Markers

  • Colored Labels


Repair List


  • Roof

  • Siding

  • Windows

  • Patio Doors

  • Walkways

  • Electricial

  • Chimney 

  • Basement

  • Furnace

  • Garage Door

  • Porch

  • Entry Steps

  • Doors

  • Kitchen

  • Bathrooms

  • Flooring